Custom Home Builder vs. Production Builder

If you are in the market for a new home, but think have to look at a production builder to stay on budget.

You may be selling yourself short. Make a list of all the things that are not included after you leave their model.

I have priced many homes against such companies and once you factor in all the costs that were not included vs. a traditional custom builder our prices fall in line with theirs.

Why would you put your single biggest investment in the hands of a job superintendent who most likely has never built a house from the ground up without a cell phone to call his subcontractors. YES I MEAN ALL OF HIS SUBCONTRACTORS. These companies do not build your home they have subcontractors do EVERYTHING. I doubt that many if any of these job superintendents, sales people, production company owners could build you a set of stairs to save their lives.

I have been in the home building industry my entire working life. I am an on site hands on builder who is proud of my work, no matter what size home it may be. Yes we get dirty every day.

We use a state of the art CAD Program that has 3d capabilities to show you what your finished home will look like through a virtual tour.

If you’re in the market for a new home we would love the opportunity to set down with you and give you a detailed, complete, comprehensive estimate on the home of your dreams.

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